Resort Policies

  • We ask that any guest visiting Mountain View abide by our ethos of providing a calm, relaxing yet enjoyable stay. Staff reserve the right to ask any individual or group that cause ongoing disruptions to other guests to leave the premises and will not obtain any refund.

  • Any guests that bring pets must ensure they follow site rules. We know any furry friend can bark, but persistent barking, whining, damage / breakages caused by your pet will not be tolerated and you will be liable to cover any such damages or charges that this may cause. Staff will reserve the right to ask any persons responsible for the pet to leave.

  • Children must be supervised at all times. If anyone under the age of 16 would like to use any of the resort facilities, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult and a consent form must be signed prior to such use confirming that they have parent / guardian permission and have no underlying health conditions that may contraindicate such use. Mountain View, staff and management take no responsibility for this, parent / guardian must take full responsibility for any children who chose to use any resort facilities.
  • All guests that wish to use the spa facilities / receive a treatment in our Pamper Pod must complete a medical questionnaire which must be signed and dated by the guest and any therapist that may be carrying out such treatments. It is your responsibility to inform us of any underlying medical condition / injury as that may alter services available. If you are pregnant during your time at Mountain View, please make us aware and we can try our best to facilitate as some services/ treatments may not be available. Please obtain your own doctors advise on what spa facilities/ treatments you can have as each person and pregnancy is different. 

  • Mountain View will not be held responsible for misuse of spa or site facilities.

  • Damages / breakages to any part of the site, inside lodges or other, caused by any guest will result in the guest / party being charged accordingly.

  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times during use of spa facilities.
  • We recommend wearing slippers / other suitable footwear when commuting throughout the resort. Uneven / wet / icy surfaces can pose a risk when care is not taken.

  • All guests must fully read and make themselves aware of the site rules including use of spa facilities prior to arrival and follow stringently. Recommended session times for spa use much be adhered to.

  • We take no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of property / vehicle while on the resort or carpark.

  • We ask that all guests (whether food consumption is planned during your visit or not), make us fully aware of all food allergies or other allergies. We try our utmost to ensure that any such allergens are not in the vicinity during your time here but cross contamination can occur / third party suppliers can leave this very difficult to control. Please make staff aware of the nature and severity of your allergy prior to arrival. 

  • Certain spa products / chemicals can contain ingredients that can cause reactions to some guests and some may even contain traces of nuts. Make staff and therapists aware and we can try our best to ensure your safety at all times. Patch tests may be necessary in some cases 24hours prior to treatment.

  • Late arrival will result in you missing out on some or all of your treatment / time allocated in certain areas and no refund will be given.

  • Please make yourself aware of all safety measures (including sanitising and handwashing).

  • Lodges have their own safety and first aid supplies. Please make yourself and all guests staying aware of their whereabouts. We ask that all guests seek to familiarise themselves with fire safety protocols and any emergency exits. The meeting point for emergencies will be the carpark entrance. Please alert relevant authorities, ensure your group are in a safe place, alert other guests and staff. The main office also has first aid supplies.

  • Packages and pricing will fluctuate depending on availability and demand at any given time. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Check in / Check out

  • Check is from 3pm – 6pm. 

  • Check out is up to 12noon.

  • For early check in and/or late check out, please request this from staff at least 24 hours prior to arrival and we can check availability of this for you.

  • If you have any special requests for your time with us, we will try our best to accommodate these where and when possible. Due to current circumstances, we will try and limit / prevent staff entering your lodge when possible during your to reduce cross contamination.

  • All lodges and areas will be regularly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between groups.

  • If you require any transport while on your stay, we can try to arrange this where possible or provide recommendations for local services.

  • We are more than happy to suggest places of interest in the local area or bars/ restaurants/ night life in the surrounding towns. 

  • Please inform staff of any injuries, breakages / damages that may have taken place during your stay.

  • Staff have a zero tolerance policy to all forms of abuse. Please behave respectfully to all staff members and we can try to resolve any issues you may have.

  • Gallion House is a communal area that will be locked when not pre booked. 



  • All board games, furniture, entertainment facilities must be cared for.

  • Guests are welcome to bring your own alcohol if they wish. Please drink alcohol responsibly.

  • Please use bins provided and dispose of empty bottles, cans or rubbish.

  • We ask that all lodges are cared for with respect, and furniture etc is not used incorrectly. We want you to enjoy your stay and hope you will return and recommend our resort to your friends and family.

  • No smoking is permitted in any indoor area. Smoking is allowed in the area surrounding the globe fire pit which is sectioned of by ropes. Please discard of any butts safely, ensuring they are correctly extinguished and put in the buckets provided.

  • All pet mess must be lifted immediately.

Cancellation Policy

  • We ask that any day package / afternoon tea or booking for use of spa facilities that may need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances give a minimum of 48hours notice. 

  • For cancelations of overnight stays or use of Gallion House/ Hungry Den BBQ hut that 7 days notice is given. In situations when sufficient notice has not been given, deposits will not be refunded or transferred and the total booking cost may be charged. 

  • Due to Covid-19, we ask all guests that may develop any new or persistent cough, high temperature or are displaying associated symptoms that you do not come to the resort and instead call us to cancel your booking as soon as possible and we will work with you as best  possible to reschedule when availability allows to do so.

  • Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the stay will be charged the full balance. If cancelled atleast 48 hours in advance, guests can transfer their deposit paid over to another date.
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